Top reasons why Berlin is the best city for Expats!

Top reasons why Berlin is one of the best cities for Expats!

Have you ever dreamed of moving abroad? I had always imagined myself living in a faraway land, learning a foreign language and immersing myself in a completely new culture. In this post, I am sharing some top reasons why Berlin is one of the best cities for expats. Formerly regarded as ‘poor but sexy’, Berlin is now booming, in more ways than one. It has officially become one of Europe’s most visited cities, but it appears that tourists don’t just visit the city; many never want to leave! With every fifth resident possessing a migrant background, it’s fairly safe to say that Berlin is indeed a city of immigrants.

Here are the top reasons why Berlin is the best city for expats:

1. It’s cheap

A city where the quality of life is given a lot of importance, not only from the people but also from the government. Compared to other cities, Berlin is one of the most affordable cities to live in Western Europe. Accommodation is also relatively cheap when compared to other German cities, offering a more than a decent living with less money.

2.The public transport network is excellent

Berlin’s public transport is excellent offering extensive connectivity within the entire city. Whether it’s the bus, the train or the underground, it is effective, efficient and affordable. Unlike many other cities, in Berlin, you barely need a car.

Top reasons why Berlin is the best city for Expats!

3. Most people speak English

For the expats that the German language is not the stronghold, this can be a major benefit. Most of the locals in Berlin and really used to have tourists and expats around them and the majority speak fluent English, amongst other languages. Furthermore, restaurants, bars, and other shops automatically switch to speaking English if they sense you are a foreigner.

4. It’s entrepreneurial

Whether you wish to study or work, the opportunities are endless. The same goes for entrepreneurship. The city is renowned for its business startups, which is energetic, young and offers a lot of variety.

Top reasons why Berlin is the best city for Expats!

5. It’s fun

Last but not least, this city has numerous entertainment possibilities. It is a young lively city that never sleeps. According to the Telegraph Magazine, Berlin was rated as the ‘most fun’ city in the world. It is home to some of the best nightclubs worldwide and recently has become the global Centre for electronic music. Apart from its clubs, Berlin offers many other forms of entertainment for any age group.

6. The travel opportunities are endless

Living in Europe means that it is super easy (and cheap) to jet off on a weekend getaway. Fancy a weekend in Barcelona? What about Lyon? Or Copenhagen? If you book early enough, you can score some unbelievably cheap deals too. Last year I flew down to Salzburg in Austria for 16 Euros! With prices so cheap and with everything so close, you quickly find that you’re traveling to somewhere new every month. No complaints there!

Top reasons why Berlin is the best city for Expats!

7. It’s tolerant

Berlin is non-conformist and is, in fact, a haven for subcultures. It is known as one of the most liberal cities for minorities in all of Europe, making the city a target for migrants craving acceptance and freedom of expression. You really can be yourself in Berlin without fear of judgment, which is very liberating.

8. There are lots of other expats

A booming city with a thriving expat community. Due to this, it is extremely easy to meet new people with similar interests, make friends and create everlasting friendships. As an expat, you will find it extremely easy to fit in as there are many people in the same situation.

9. You’ll get fit

Berlin is a huge city – 9 times bigger than Paris – and you’ll soon find that one of the side effects of getting from point A to point B is becoming fit. As the vast majority of people don’t own cars in Berlin, getting around the city means taking public transport, walking or cycling. Being active is a natural part of your day when you live in Berlin.

10. Work-life balance is a high priority

Achieving a healthy work-life balance is a high priority for us all in this day and age. Expats in Germany will be happy to discover that the German government also sees this as important. German law mandates that every employee in the country receives a minimum of four weeks of paid vacation leave per year — although many can receive up to 30 days — and that working hours don’t exceed 40 per week. In addition, Germany’s employment ministry has banned employers from contacting staff outside of working hours except in emergencies under new measures to prevent employees from burning out. It’s reassuring to know that the labor laws in Germany are set up in the favor of employees.

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