Application Process to Study in Germany

Application Process to Study in Germany

In this blog post, we shared the typical Application Process to Study in Germany. If you have any doubt in the following phases, let us know by writing in comment section.

Application Process to Study in Germany

Pre-Application phase

If you are looking for an English taught program, then most of the Universities require you to produce an IELTS/TOEFL score card as a test of your English language proficiency. A score of 6.0+ in IELTS and 90+ in TOEFL would be sufficient enough to meet the requirements from most of the universities.

Another point to be noted is that IELTS/TOEFL score card is mandatory for the German student Visa application. GRE score report is not mandatory for all the universities, while some of the reputed courses in universities like TU Munich, RWTH Aachen do ask for the same.

Application phase

Most of the universities would expect an application packet to contain the following documents.

  1. Statement of Purpose / Motivation letter.
  2. Curriculum Vitae (Europass Format)
  3. University Transcript (Attested copy from the university)
  4. Letter of recommendation ( from your college Professors – highly preferred for application to the TU’s, from your workplace – preferably from a person in Lead/Managerial position)
  5. Attested copy of German Language certificates (if specified by the university)
  6. Attested copy of IELTS/TOEFL scores report.
  7. Work Experience letter (if any)
  8. The duly filled and the signed application itself !!!

Once all the above documents are ready, you have to send it to the address specified by the university through the post (use DHL coupons if you are applying for 4+ universities).

However, some universities accept applications through a 3rd party called Uni-Assist in which case, you got to fill the application online in the Uni-Assist portal, attach the relevant documents and post it to the address specified by the Uni-Assist web portal. Make sure you send in your application much before the deadline in order to have sufficient breathing time for other activities that follow.

Post-Application phase [Waiting for Feedback]

Once the application phase is complete, you need to wait for some weeks to receive the status of your application. Some universities like TU Munich, TU Darmstadt provide a status update of your application via their application portal, while some inform you by mail.

The average waiting time to receive a Admit/Reject information is around 4 weeks, while it may vary between 3-8 weeks between different universities.

Accepting the Admit + Visa process

After accepting the admit, you need to open a blocked account and transfer a sum of 8080 Euros (some consulates only accept the Visa application if the amount is transferred) for the Visa process.

a) The Blocked account form can be found here. You need to fill the form, take it to the German Consulate in your city along with your passport and get an attestation stamp on the form ( which costs 20 Euros ) from them and post it to the address mentioned on the form. You get a mail from the bank where you’ve opened the blocked account containing information like the IBAN number etc. within a week or two.

b) The next step is to book a Visa appointment at your nearest German Consulate and follow the information provided by them w.r.t the documents that need to be carried for the Visa interview.

Looking out for accommodation

New country, new people, new language and then finding accommodation is really a tedious task for anyone. Some universities provide accommodation, while some don’t. The best way is to contact anyone through Facebook groups to understand the best possible way to find accommodation in a particular city.

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If you have any doubt about the Application Process to Study in Germany. Let us know in a comment section. Thanks for reading and sharing with your friends.

All the very best for your application process !! 🙂


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