Applying to a German University: Uni-Assist vs Direct Application

Applying to a German University: Uni-Assist vs Direct Application

For most students applying to join a German University, there is always the question posed on whether to apply directly (Direct Application) to the University or apply via Uni-Assist Portal. Although you can’t clearly pick one to be better than the other, the advantages of each are varied.

Applying to a German University: Uni-Assist vs Direct Application

Applying to a German University via Uni-Assist

  • Single application fee and you get a discount for further applications. First Application costs €75 and each subsequent application costs €30 if applied during the same time period
  • Great overview of all applications and replies from the Universities
  • Uni-Assist targets foreign students, thus offer guidance with the assumption that you might have never done this before
  • The list of required documents are clearly stated and are evident when you start the process
  • Uni-Assist has no power to make the final decision, thus have to go by the rules with no flexibility
  • The lack of flexibility may sometimes lead to you having to provide irrelevant documents e.g. an Indian student who went through 8-4-4 having to provide TOEFEL exams for a Masters program
  • Not all Universities allow applications via Uni-Assist
  • As an Indian, Uni-Assist insists that you take up Studienkolleg or have at least one year at an Indian University before being admitted for a study course at a German University

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Applying to a German University Directly

  • You communicate directly to the University, thus may be able to provide extra documents and in some cases defend your case. The University may be more flexible than Uni-Assist
  • Some Universities charge no application fee
  • If your application is handled directly by the University, they may waive the need for Studienkolleg
  • Can be quite expensive. Each University has its application fee and they don’t care if you’ve already applied to tens others, you still have to pay the full fee to the University to consider your application
  • Can be overwhelming to keep track of all applications and replies to and from the Universities
  • The whole process can be complex and confuse with no real guidance
  • Some Universities can demand extra documents that weren’t clearly defined when you started the process

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