Some cheap and expensive things in Germany

Some cheap and expensive things in Germany

This blog post is all about Some cheap and expensive things in Germany. Everything I say would be base on what I saw and what I have known.

Some cheap and expensive things in Germany

Things that are cheap in Germany

Food: everybody needs to eat. So the food is cheap, also partly because the VAT for food is 7%. The grocery stores offer a great variety of products for every pocket.

“Street food” is also cheap, depending on where you want to eat. For 3 euros you can eat doner, noodle with chicken or currywurst

Cosmetics: home of Nivea and many other beauty brands, they are cheap. There are also brands owned by the big German drugstores ( müller, dm, Rossmann ) which are usually cheaper than the bigger brands and of good quality.

Hygiene and healthcare products (soap, shampoo, hair spray, deodorant, vitamin tablets, fish oil etc.) are extremely cheap.

Groceries, even organic products, are very cheap. Even the discount chains of supermarkets, like Aldi or Lidl, carry their own ranges of organic food.

Coffee: normal german coffee from Jakobs, Tchibo or Dallmayr can be found cheap especially on discount.

Clothes: Good quality clothes which last years and are not especially cheap for everybody; I would consider them cheap, more like an investment. A good Jack Wolfskin jacket can be used for many years, although it might cost a couple of hundreds of euros.

Renting flats: As long as you don’t need to live in Munich, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and certain districts in other cities, the rental cost for a flat is cheap in comparison to many other European countries and in comparison to local purchasing power. Caveat: Flats are usually unfurnished and no home appliances except baking oven and stove, so you need to bring your own furniture.

German courses: The Germans want you (a foreigner) to speak German. So there are courses organized usually in public schools for non-german speakers. These are pretty cheap.

Loans: interest rates are pretty low. So debt is cheap.

Any product that comes from the cow: Beef is like half of the price when it compares to China. Milk is so cheap that can even be cheaper than some of the mineral water. And cheese, butter, yoghurt are also cheap and tasty.

Tuition fee: I study as a foreigner in Germany and I don’t have to pay any Tuition fee at all. That’s also one of the reasons why I choose to study in Germany.

Bread: Cheap and tasty. What else should I say? Everybody loves bread. And there are like thousands of different kinds of bread in Germany

Potato: German love potato. And they have, in my opinion, the best potato. The flavour is so good. Totally love it.

Things for the student: You get a discount everywhere if you are a student.

Cars: The base version of an Audi A4 is roughly around 39000 Euros. This is pretty cheap when compared to other countries. Cars are pretty cheap, compared to other countries.

Renting a car: you can rent a decent base model VW for as low as 40euros/ day

Beer: Enough said. Water is costlier than Beer. Beer is extremely cheap (50-70 ct at the supermarket, 2,5-3 euro at a bar).

Pizza: A good mid-sized pizza from a take away will cost you around 7-8 Euros. This is cheaper than even India

Internet: Blazing fast, unlimited internet (25MBPS and above) from KabelBW will cost you only 20-25 Euros a month

Flight tickets within EU: Ryanair makes it dirt cheap. We once flew from Frankfurt Hahn to Rome and back – this round trip worked out cheaper than the train journey that we took from Rome to Venice! Even LH is very cheap. A round trip from Frankfurt to Istanbul costs around 200 euros per head.

Fitness membership is ridiculously cheap (15-25 euro/month), so gyms are swarming with people.

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Things that are expensive in Germany

Mobile telephony – extremely expensive.

Car maintenance – the dealerships will charge at least 100 € per hour labour. And they usually overestimate the labour for regular stuff.

Being dumb – The Germans are very serious people. And they require you to know how things work (responsibilities, rights, obligations). Make some mistakes (out of stupidity, ignorance…)  and you pay big time.

Medicines are extremely expensive.

  • standard hotel rooms
  • used cars
  • clothes and shoes
  • fish
  • Vegetable and fruit
  • Public transportation
  • Electronics and accessories
  • Stationery
  • Furniture
  • Electricity and gas
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