Reasons you should move to Germany

Reasons you should move to Germany

I love living in Germany. You will find different pluses and minuses listed by different people, but those things really depend on individual personal preferences and expectations. I would never want to live anywhere else. To give a balanced answer, here are some more things I like most about living in Germany:

Things I Like most about living in Germany:

  1. a culture that encourages intellectual pursuit and civil discourse
  2. an excellent free education system all the way through to a PhD if you want one
  3. an understanding that a bachelor’s degree isn’t the right thing for everyone, so you can get an excellent training to become highly skilled tradesperson, also for free, and then go on to make as much or more as someone with a college education
  4. great healthcare where the rates actually frequently go down because the insurance companies are essentially run almost like a non-profit organization
  5. I never feel unsafe here
  6. the standard of living is one of the highest in the world
  7. personal debt is extremely low and savings are high…
  8. Respect for the environment. Germans like flowers and especially on summer everything looks so green and clean, even in big cities.
  9. An affordable and good standard of living if you have an above average job and don’t want to live in Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart or Hamburg.
  10. Summer is great – there are festivals pretty much every weekend in your local area in one form or another, outdoor pools, cycling trails, open-air cinema, concerts etc.
  11. Environmental awareness of consumers
  12. Most Germans have hobbies apart from shopping, drinking and watching TV
  13. Great beer and great wine
  14. Fresh, seasonal produce which is only available at certain times of the year
  15. Germany’s location makes it really easy to get around and see the rest of Europe without needing to fly everywhere
  16. Major cities are all within reach of beautiful countryside within about an hour’s travel
  17. It’s one of the best places to live in the world if you want to work long-term for the same company in the same job. Employee benefits and job security are both world-leading.
  18. Quite organise social services.
  19. Germans have a sense of what quality is and what is design and decoration.
  20. Organised post and delivery services direct to your door.
  21. There are a lot of choices for winter and summer hobbies such us ski and parachuting.

I could go on an on. Like I said, I really love living here.

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