German universities where we can apply, without Uni-ASSIST

German universities where we can apply, without Uni-ASSIST

There are some german universities where you can apply without Uni-Assist. You can check out this information on the website of the universities, which you prefer. Most of the time you can find the useful information under the AAA (short for German words Akademische Auslandsamt and in English International Office) department. And the rule is not all the same from university to university even from bachelor program to master program. So good luck!

German universities where we can apply, without Uni-ASSIST

Find universities with the help of Uni-Assist

Uni-Assist gives you a list of the Universities and Schools of Higher Education which have given them mandate to check international applications. You can find that list here: uni-assist Hochschulen:: uni-assist e.V.

They also tell you which areas Uni-Assist checks if there are limits. If they’re not on the list, the School or University is not using Uni-Assist.

Find universities with the help of DAAD

You can also search a lot of such universities who have their admission procedure without the uni-assist with the help of DAAD. You can follow the DAAD search. Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst

Please update according to your needs. There you will get all the information regarding the requirements and the complete admission procedure of all the universities enlisted in Germany.

Some universities are as follows

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