Books to study for the German A1 exam

Books to study for the German A1 exam

In this post, I am sharing some information related to the books that if you’re looking to study by self and books that you need if you want to practise it for your German A1 exam. First, If you are looking to self-study A1 on your own, and have no German knowledge then this is the below link for you. I would recommend either Barrons or BBC talk. These are the only self-study packs available in India. But they cannot guarantee that you will pass the A1, yeah it is good if you just want to learn the German Language from zero. I recommend to learn with a tutor or join any Language Institute, with a clear goal of clearing the A1.

Books to study for the German A1 exam

If you are looking for books to practice or for exam preparation, I suggest you go for Studio D A1 or Tangram 1 or, I also used it when I took up the course in Goethe Institut. Also, Goethe suggested this for covering their syllabus.

But caution, all these books are in German and you cannot learn from them without a tutor. To buy these language textbooks please click on below link.


German-English Dictionary, Second Edition Mass Market Paperback

My sincere and personal advice to you would be, please do not self-study. It honestly doesn’t work with languages.

All the best and hope my answer helped!


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