Kissing cousins (near cognates) – German (Deutsch) and English

Kissing cousins (near cognates) - German (Deutsch) and English

In this post, we discussed some Kissing cousins (near cognates) – German (Deutsch) and English. Many words, like the ones shown below, are spelled almost the same in German (Deutsch) as in English and have the same meaning. Below list shows you something about German spelling conventions, which include:

✓ The English c is a k in most German words.
✓ The ou in English words like house or mouse is often equivalent to au in German words.
✓ Many English adjectives ending in -ic or -ical have an -isch ending in German.
✓ Some English adjectives ending in -y are spelled with -ig in German.
✓ Some English nouns ending in -y have an -ie ending in German.

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Kissing cousins (near cognates) – German (Deutsch) and English

  Words Similar in Meaning, Slightly Different in Spelling
German English
die Adresse (dee ah-drês-e)  address
der Aspekt (dêr âs-pêkt)  aspect
der Bär (dêr bear [as in English])  bear
blond (blont) blonde
die Bluse (dee blooh-ze) blouse
braun (brown [as in English]) brown
die Demokratie (dee dê-moh-krâ-tee) democracy
direkt (di-rêkt) direct
der Doktor (dêr dok-tohr) doctor
exzellent (êx-tsel-ênt) excellent
fantastisch (fân-tâs-tish) fantastic
das Glas (dâs glahs) glass
das Haus (dâs hous) house
hungrig (hoong-riH) hungry
die Industrie (dee in-dooh-stree) industry
der Kaffee (dêr kâf-ey) coffee
die Komödie (dee koh-mer-dee-e) comedy
die Kondition (dee kon-di-tsee-ohn) condition
das Konzert (dâs kon-tsêrt) concert
die Kultur (dee kool-toohr) culture
logisch (loh-gish) logical
das Mandat (dâs mân-daht) mandate
der Mann (dêr mân) man
die Maschine (dee mâ-sheen-e) machine
die Maus (dee mouse [as in English]) mouse
die Methode (dee mê-toh-de) method
die Mobilität (dee moh-bi-li-tait) mobility
die Musik (dee mooh-zeek) music
die Nationalität (dee nât-see-oh-nahl-i-tait) nationality
die Natur (dee nâ-toohr) nature
offiziell (oh-fits-ee-êl) official (adjective)
der Ozean (dêr oh-tsê-ân) ocean
das Papier (dâs pâ-peer) paper
das Parlament (dâs pâr-lâ-mênt) parliament
perfekt (pêr-fêkt) perfect
politisch (poh-li-tish) political
potenziell (po-tên-tsee-êl) potential (adjective)
praktisch (prâk-tish) practical
das Programm (dâs proh-grâm) program
das Salz (dâs zâlts) salt
der Scheck (dêr shêk) check
sonnig (zon-iH) sunny
der Supermarkt (dêr zooh-pêr-mârkt) supermarket
das Telefon (dâs tê-le-fohn) telephone
die Theorie (dee tey-ohr-ee) theory
die Tragödie (dee trâ-ger-dee-e) tragedy
die Walnuss (dee vahl-noohs) walnut

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